Emily Pulfer-Terino finds revelations in the mystery of the taste of fruit and in the look of city streets, in wilderness and in the family attic. Every detail brims with feeling—with desire and love and loss. The poet mentions as her model Li Bai, whose heartfelt letters still reach the reader after a thousand years. The poems in this book, poem after poem, also reach us with breathtaking immediacy.

~ Brooks Haxton   

What a deft, supple, painstaking, and painterly touch Emily Pulfer-Terino has in these poems. I would call them elegant, but their gracefulness gives way to their ache, their sense of awe, and their "strange intimacy." The poems often begin like Japanese Ukiyo-e painting ["pictures of the floating world"] in depictions of blossoming and end "thinking why what I love troubles me." Stays the Heart dismantles, reconstructs, maps, distances, and translates desire. "Dogwood" and its compliment "Lilacs" are two from this impressive first collection that will astound you.

~ Bruce Smith   

Cover art by Theodore Pulfer-Terino